Established in 1991, CKX is prestigious Canadian Clothing, Accessories and Helmet (Snowmobile, Motorcycle & ATV) company. Constantly evolving, listening to its customers and relentlessly seeking innovation, CKX offers feature-packed, high-performance and reliable products.

True all-season helmet

True all-season helmet

CKX Titan is the only fully configurable off-road helmet on the market. You can easily adjust it to your riding style, level of activity and weather conditions. By adding insulation parts and replacing for winter goggles (included), Titan helmet can be quickly configured for winter including extreme conditions. If you want to speak with your buddies or stop for a drink on the trail, you no longer need to remove your helmet thanks to Titan’s unique removable muzzle. Helmet also offers an exceptional field of vision with the 210° goggles. The shape of the goggles fully match helmet’s opening to provide sealed protection against the cold and snow.

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2 goggles INCLUDED

2 goggles INCLUDED

A revolutionary feature of the CKX Titan helmet is in new innovative approach to goggles / helmet interaction. CKX goggles look like a normal mx goggles, but unlike them they were designed specifically for this helmet to completely fill the helmet visor and guarantee absolute tightness. The Titan helmet therefore protects from cold, wind and snow even better than a full-face helmet, with no visor or goggles fogging, and still providing MX helmet type breathability.

The CKX Titan helmet comes with two google frames. Summer goggles with large vents are perfect for normal riding and extreme dusty conditions, but of course, you can also take your current mx goggles offering plenty of ventilation space around. Winter CKX goggles are completely airtight (except for necessary anti-fogging vents), and perfectly seal helmet opening. As a result, the Titan helmet offers extraordinary protection from winter and wind. And you can also buy heated Electric goggles from rich offer of CKX accessories. The CKX goggles provide an unprecedentedly wide peripheral vision of 210° - one of the widest field of view ever.

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Summer and winter mode

Summer and winter mode

CKX Titan helmet can be perfectly adapted for summer or winter use. In summer mode it is airy helmet offering great protection, high quality, attractive design and sufficient ventilation thanks to the ventilated CKX or normal MX goggles. And when it gets cold, you take advantage of a neoprene nose deflector, a large chin spoiler, a warm back collar and a special cuff around whole face that you'll appreciate on a snowmobile and in great freeze, and CKX Titan becomes a very pleasant winter helmet protecting against cold, frost and snow like no other.

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CKX History

For almost 30 years, CKX has been helping riders seek out the thrills and adventures they crave while keeping them safe. Founded in Quebec in 1991, CKX company designs and manufactures range of snowmobile / off-road helmets and apparel that meet or exceed rider’s expectations, are comfortable to wear and let riders express themselves with panache. Each helmet is filled with the passion that drives enthusiasts around the world as they seek out new challenges and lose themselves in the freedom of the next ride.

• Birth of the CKX brand with the first snowmobile helmets. 

• Addition of a line of boots, gloves and mittens.

• Addition of a line of motorcycle helmets.

• Birth of the very popular Tranz modular helmet for snowmobiles. 

• Addition of a performing underwear line.

• 20th anniversary of the CKX brand.

• Launch of the CP4 categorization system

• Launch of the new website

• Official CKX distributor for the Czech and Slovak Republic becomes ASP Group Distributing.
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