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Access Motor

Access utility ATVs are capable solution for both work and play.



Access utility ATVs are capable solution for both work and play. They´re not harming the environment, are tireless partners on weekend houses and cottages, they can carry wood from the forests, sweep snow, pull heavy loads. Access single- and two-seater ATVs are relentlessly helping on farms, in urban green areas maintenance services, emergency services, they ensure deliveries in mountain resorts. Access utility ATVs are invaluable in rough terrain and pleasant buddies on Your weekend trips. Access ATVs attracted worldwide attention in 2016, when completely stock Access MAX 650i Transasia set a new world record by travelling more than 14,000 km from India to Europe in six weeks while pulling heavy caravan trailer.



Legendary winning Access quad bikes gained their excellent reputation from countless wins in many crosscountry races, offroadmarathons, by winning countless official Czech and Slovak Quad Championships. Convincing in every situation no matter how hard you ride, Access quad bikes are best combination of power, sharp braking, great maneuverability and easy handling while wide chassis with low center of gravity ensure excellent stability.



Kids love to ride, and once they have a taste of the freedom and exploration off-roading offers, they’ll never forget that feeling. Kid’s and junior Access DRR quad bikes are one of the most popular and most successful kid’s sports and racing ATVs in the world. From 50cc models for future champions – wider and more stable than any other children’s quad bikes, with numerous safety features, low center of gravity and convenient electric start, up to factory-tuned up racing models with a wide track width, superb nitrogen suspension and powerful engines, which are capable of winning races even without any modifications.



Our customer care does not end by sale and delivery. We offer professional after-sales service and fast delivery of original spare parts. We constantly strive for high professionalism of sales and service staff in our widespread dealer and service network. With more than 400 locations all over the Central and Eastern Europe we are always close at hand when you need us. We permanently hold an extensive stock of original spare parts and accessories at our central warehouse in Letkov near Pilsen, so we can deliver them within the shortest possible timeframe. With Access Motor original spare parts you can be always sure that they will fit, are designed to the exacting manufacturer´s standards and work better and last longer than aftermarket parts to keep your ATV in best possible operating condition.

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