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ATV / UTV equipment and accessories, Storage boxes, Bumpers & Guards and other Add-ons for your ATV.


Boxes, protective frames, bumpers and other accessories and accessories for quad bikes.

As official importers to the Czech and Slovak Republics, we offer a selection of the most popular products from the Kimpex range – plastic ATV boxes including boxes with an integrated passenger seat, protective frames for rear fenders, robust front and rear bumpers, winter accessories. Our range of Kimpex accessories also includes, for example, snow plows, plexiglass front shields, fender extensions and many other accessories that will make your ATV the perfect tool for work or off-road riding. Innovative accessories from the Canadian company KIMPEX are a guarantee of the highest quality, first-class processing and high utility value.



There is never enough storage place on the ATV. We offer a wide range of high-quality Kimpex ATV Trunks and Cargo Boxes including ATV boxes with passenger seat. Locking Kimpex ATV boxes withstand all impacts from offroad abuse, keep your gear dry and can be used as a passenger seat with comfortable backrest.



Kimpex Bumpers and Brush Guards will protect your ATV, headlights and taillights from the obstacles of the trail or when working in the forest. We offer heavy-duty front and rear bumpers to protect your ATV in offroad or race. Innovative Kimpex rear fender quards with passenger footrests are unique and practical solution when traveling in two to protect rear mudguards while providing support for passenger’s feet.



High quality fender flares and fender extensions provide extra protection from the water and mud. Fender flares from durable HDPE Polyethylene help protect your ATV from flying debris, look elegant and in addition to riders and passengers protection they also protects your ATV from damage.

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