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Steering dampers stabilize your handlebars and reduce arm pump. Precision dampers allow you to adjust your steering differently for straights and differently for turns.


Precision, these are robust fully adjustable racing steering dampers with exceptional mechanical resistance for the toughest conditions.

The patented design allows you to set the amount of damping separately for straight driving and for going through a curve. Precision steering dampers reduce lap times and absorb shocks to the handlebars from rocks, holes and roots.



High-quality steering damper is the most effective way how to significantly improve your lap times. Bumpy sections previously ridden with caution, with steering damper can be ridden easily at full throttle. Every top ATV racer uses a steering stabilizer, and nearly everyone of them choose Precision steering damper. Whether you race or just ride hard, steering damper will make a huge difference in the stability of your quad while reducing bar rip and fatigue you feel, keeping you safer and the riding fun. Patented Precision Steering stabilizers are the only stabilizers that can be adjusted differently for going straight and differently for turns. Mounts low, safely tucked deep in your machine at the proper geometry.You can run a stock or aftermarket steering stem. Precision steering damper will not affect your handlebar height nor position.

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