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Houser Racing

World-Leading Manufacturer of ATV and UTV Racing Parts

Houser Racing

Houser Racing racing products are high-end racing technologies designed for racers who want to improve their results.

HOUSER Racing has built a reputation in the world of high-end four-wheel racing as an outstanding technological innovator and one of the best manufacturers of high-end racing components. Houser Racing – perfectly thought out and technically advanced solutions for sports racing four-wheelers.



Shock absorbing Houser Racing aluminum ATV Nerf Bars with Patented Suspension Foot Peg is the only Peg in the industry that incorporates suspension. Rubber ball with progressive shock absorbing abilities under the convex foot peg compresses during bumps, soaking up vibrations and saving your legs and body from additional fatigue while riding. This allows you to ride harder and longer. The convex shape of Houser Racing foot peg optimizes grip on your boot without shredding it to bits.



Houser Racing manufactures A-arms for regular and long travels. Regular travel A-arms are suitable for those who have stock shocks on their ATV, long travel A-Arms are designed for those who want to use shock different from stock with extended stroke. In addition to the higher damping capacity long travel A-arms also allow easier turning. Houser Racing A-arms include innovative patented Slicast technology and may include Tric Trac system which adjusts the caster automatically while you ride to ensure peak chassis performance in a wide variety of riding conditions. Houser Racing A-arms are available in 2 sizes: in Cross Country narrow width and in wide size, intended for motocross tracks. Equipped with needle bearings with hardened and polished sleeves, constructed of 4130 Chromoly Steel for maximum strength and durability, two-stage powdercoated and clear coated – Houser Racing A-arms come standard with SLICAST® Caster Adjustment. The SLICAST® – The only caster adjustment on the market that can be adjusted independently from the camber setting. Easy change of the adjustment in 11 settings, each giving 0.5 degrees of caster change. Rotating the top ball joint toward the rear of the ATV makes the ATV handle better in a straight line, rotating the top ball joint toward the front of the ATV makes the ATV corner better.



Houser Racing Steering Stems work with Anti-Vibration Clamps to reduce rider fatigue. Adjustable Stem Bottom reduces bump steer and tightens your turning radius. Houser steering stems are made from 4130 chromoly steel tubing and are TIG welded to withhold the harshest racing conditions. The Houser Steering Stems are backed by more then 10 years of developing and testing resulting in one of the most durable ATV steering stems available. Powder coated resulting in a beautiful finish that lasts. Handle Bar Clamp is required and sold separately.



Houser Racing Anti-Vibration Handle Bar Clamps were developed from HR on-track research to offer great Anti-Vibration protection. Designed to be used with Houser Racing anti-vibrate steering stems, anti-vibration Handle Bar Clamps use rubber bushings to isolate vibrations between the stem and

bars. Adds strength and style to your ATV from fully CNC Machined Billet Aluminum, gives a slight rise for added control to the rider.

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