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Ultra-high performance American racing engine oils.


Ultra-high performance American racing engine oils and premium quality gear oils for ATVs, Motorcycles and Side-by-sides, motorsport products for riders who challenge the limits of possibility. Comprehensive range of high quality suspension fluids, coolants, maintenance and care products.


Ultra-high performance American racing engine oils

Market leading premium engine oils for off-road, on-road and racing use. Ultimate semi-synthetic, fully synthetic and high-performance Tri-ester MAXIMA engine oils are developed specifically for motorcycles, ATVs and Side-by-Sides. MAXIMA engine oils provide long-term engine protection, reduce wear, increase performance, prolong engine life and keep your engine clean. High performance MAXIMA engine oils are one of the best-performing motor oils in the industry and exceed all known OEM requirements.



High-performance Maxima transmission and gear oils are designed specifically for extreme operating conditions of modern motorcycle, UTV and ATV gearboxes and transmissions, for highly loaded hypoid-type differentials of today’s ATVs and Side-by-sides. They provide excellent wear protection for highly stressed drivetrains including extra loads from off-road riding over rough terrain. Maxima gear oils use only exclusive blend of ultra-pure high quality base oils to guarantee high stability and to resist extreme temperatures and mechanical and shear stress.



MAXIMA Fork and Suspension oils are extremely stable suspension oils developed for use in motorcycle / ATV forks and shocks, for off-road, on-road and competition use. MAXIMA Fork and Suspension oils are blended from highly refined base oils and hi-tech additives to provide excellent wear and corrosion protection, to protect internal components, prevent foaming and fork/shock sticking and to ensure excellent long-term suspension damping characteristics over the entire temperature range. Manufactured in many viscosities freely mixable with one another to allow precisely adjust damping characteristics of your forksúshock absorbers, to tune your chassis to your speed and riding style, to set your suspension for specific conditions and tracks.



Maxima aerosols, care and maintenance products, chain and foam filter cleaners, degreasers and lubricants, market leading products for polishing and protecting of all types of surfaces – every single MAXIMA product will literally amaze you by just how effective it can be. Maxima Speed Wax all-in-one detailer is virtually “new bike in a can”, Maxima Clean-Up chain cleaner will clean your chain so you won´t believe how clean your chain looks. Discover the power of Maxima care and maintenance products!



Maxima product range include also high-performance brake fluids for modern ATVs, Motorcycles, UTVs, cars and other motor vehicles. They provide maximum braking performance, stability in extreme conditions and responsive braking control, and effectively prevent formation of air bubbles in the fluid. Maxima Racing Silicone DOT 5 brake fluid with superior boiling point, designed for extreme track or off-track racinga pplications exceed all DOT 3, DOT4, DOT5 and DOT 5.1 requirements. Premium quality ready-to-use Maxima Coolanol antifreeze has no need to mixing with water, because its already prepared for direct use in modern aluminum motorcycle / ATV engines. Provides excellent corrosion protection for the engine, contains anti-foam agents to reduce water pump cavitation and increases cooling capacity.

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