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FOX Shox

Premium shock absorbers for sport and utility ATVs, SxS and Off-road, Made in the USA

FOX Shox

Premium suspension shock absorbers for sport and utility ATVs, SXS, UTV and off-road. Made in USA.

If you want to speed up by tenths of a second in a race, get your engine tuned. If you want to speed up by whole seconds, get a quality suspension. This golden racing rule says it all. But quality shock absorbers are the key not only to faster times, but also to better handling and better traction. For over 30 years, FOX has been the world leader in suspension shocks for ATVs, motocross, off-road, UTVs, trucks, SUVs, snowmobiles and mountain bikes.



Suspension is the key to increasing your cornering speed and reducing your lap times and tire wear. Proper suspension also significantly reduces hand fatigue during the race, as well as suspension / steering components stress. Market leading FOX racing suspension and shock absorbers allow your tires to follow the contour of the terrain for a longer time than competition shocks thus improving traction, tires can better transmit forces from acceleration, braking and cornering. At the front ATV suspension Fox uses unique and patented Float® air shocks that work perfectly even without heavy coil springs. Therefore FOX Air shocks are much lighter then coil-overs but still seamlessly iron out everything in their path, from smallest bumps on the track up to the most brutal landing impacts. Rear ATV suspension has to withstand much greater impacts than front end, therefore FOX uses shocks with coil-over springs here. Both front and rear Fox shocks are fully adjustable to tailor your ride to your personal requirements and deliver unsurpassed quality and superior performance.



Premium fully adjustable rear FOX PODIUM RC shocks from industry leader. High performance PODIUM® RC shocks give riders unsurpassed performance along with the ability to fine tune to the perfect setting – quicker and easier than ever before. FOX’s proprietary external adjustments allow riders to independently dial in the optimum amount of high- and low-speed compression, rebound and bottom-out control, completely independent of each other.



Off-road Fox Racing shocks substantially improve car traction and handling. Excellent damping and heavy duty construction ensure longer tire contact with the ground, increased traction, smoother ride and better stability. Fox – industry leader in design and development of high performance shock absorbers.



The added benefit of race-proven Fox Racing Shocks is that they are completely rebuildable and repairable to offer a long life and allow internal adjustments. Along with good availability of original spare parts it is possible to repair and overhaul every FOX shock.

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