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Shark Professional Accessories

Turn your ATV, UTV or SxS into a real workhorse with Shark Professional Accessories! Shark Professional Accessories – products of the highest quality standards.

Shark Professional Accessories

Shark professional work accessories for ATVs

Shark professional work accessories for ATVs, UTVs, Side-by-sides and other work machines are carefully developed using the most modern technologies to function reliably and meet the highest professional requirements. The use of quality materials, certified quality control and a well-thought-out design tested in the toughest conditions guarantee the high quality, durability and reliability of Shark Professional Accessories products, so that you can work easier and faster, and that you can always rely on Shark products. Shark Professional Accessories – professional products of the highest quality.



We offer a wide selection of universal plastic and steel plows. Shark plows let you finish big plowing jobs in just a minutes, clear snow from your driveway or parking lot, but are equally proven also for other loose materials such as gravel, sand, soil, coal, mulch, etc. Shark plows are quiet, friendly to plowing surfaces, and are suitable for all types of plowing jobs and all types of ATVs and UTVs.



Aluminum SHARK Full Chassis Skid Plate Kit is the best way to protect your ATV from undercarriage damage. Made from strong light-weight aircraft grade aluminum, SHARK Chassis Skid Plates will ward off rocks that could ruin your frame, A-arms or damage your engine case. Provided with access holes and cutouts to allow you to maintain your ATV without removing the skid plate.



Shark water-resistant ATV soft bags and durable ATV Cargo Hardboxes offer large storage capacity and overwhelming quality. Water sealed, lockable, made from impact resistant High Density Polyethylene, with padded backrests and integrated passenger seats – Shark ATV Cargo Boxes are invaluable for touring, travelling in two, working, fishing and hunting.


SHARK Smart Battery Chargers

SHARK fully automatic universal inverter battery chargers reliably charge all types of batteries and accumulators – rechargeable, maintenance-free (MF), gel, calcium, AGM, EFB and more. They are designed for both direct and maintenance charging of 12V and 6V motorcycle, ATV and automotive batteries. They have memory functions and all the usual electronic protections.



Never again will you get stuck with a dead battery in the morning – Shark Jump Starter is here to help with your flat battery. Sleek compact design makes the Jump Starter highly portable so you can take it along with you in case of need. Enough power for up to 30 engine starts if fully charged. Another function is a powerful large-capacity power bank for mobile devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, notebooks, MP3 players, GPS and other devices. Lithium-Polymer Battery with massive capacity of 12 000mAh, starting current 200 – 400A, 2 USB charging ports, 12V power supply, 19V laptop charging port, Smart jumper clamps, charger, 3in1 USB cable.


SHARK trailers

Our selection of ATV or UTV trailers offers the right trailerk for your purposes.

Professional WOOD series trailers

These rugged trailers offer huge load capacity and exceptional durability. They are designed for heavy-duty professional work on the farm, in the woods or in the garden. The swing-axle trailers have excellent ground clearance, and for long loads, the front or the entire body can be completely removed and the load can be loaded with a crane.

Garden range

These trailers are a great help in the garden or on the farm, when hauling wood, grass, leaves, building materials, etc. Thanks to the tipping body and sloping rear end, they are easy to unload, and the high-quality, durable plastic body will not break even in extreme cold. Thanks to the wide, low-pressure tyres, Garden trailers are very gentle on grass and vegetation.

SHARK trailers are professional products of high quality, their long service life is guaranteed by high-quality materials, galvanic protection and high-quality powder coating.



Spreader trolley s are ideal for fertiliser distribution and spreading, sowing and seeding grass and tending gardens and lawns. In winter they are invaluable for road maintenance for spreading salt, sand, gravel and other gritting materials. The agitator ensures smooth and even feeding of the material and prevents clogging of the spreading blades.


LED lights and LED ramps

SHARK’s high-performance professional LED work lights and light ramps can turn night into day. These high-brightness lights with efficient LED technology are highly durable, making them ideal for ATVs, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, pick-ups, trailers, boats, trucks, excavators, loaders and other work equipment. High quality OSRAM, CREE, EPISTAR or ETI LED modules with a range of up to 950m. SHARK LED lights and light ramps are completely maintenance-free and shine even underwater.



Stay warm on your ATV or snowmobile with heated accessories by SHARK. When your winter gloves, winter jackets and two pairs of socks are still not enough, SHARK heated seats, grip heaters and other heated accessories provide warmth and comfort that lasts as long as your ride.


SHARK power mowers and mulchers

SHARK professional mowers and mulchers are powerful helpers for mowing and mulching medium and large areas, gardens, parks, maintained and unmaintained lawns, ditches, removing overgrown vegetation in difficult to access and rugged terrain, etc. SHARK mowers and mulchers are designed to be mounted on the front of an ATV or attached behind an ATV, UTV or garden tractor. The mulching blades are specially designed for mowing unmaintained lawns and regularly maintained grassy areas, and their powerful petrol engines feature convenient electric start.



Heavy-duty Shark aluminum loading ramps make it easy to load all your toys and equipment such as ATV, UTV, motorcycle, dirt bike, snow thrower, lawnmower etc. Lightweight yet sturdy, Shark aluminum ramps feature raised side rails making loading and unloading a breeze. Arched design allows to load low ground clearance vehicles such as lawn tractors. Additional center beam reinforces the ramp for higher load weight. Constructed from high quality aircraft grade 6016/T6 aluminum.



Shark Professional Tire Plug Kit is high-quality tubeless tire repair kit for quick repair of tire puncture. This easy to use tire repair kit includes everything you need for repair puncture damage in short time, including five extra strong tire repair strings. Reliably seals tubeless motorcycle, ATV, scooter and moped tires.



SHARK PROFI rotary broom is designed to connect to all common types of ATVs / UTV for professional sweeping of large areas, pathways, sidewalks, parking lots, factory halls or snow removal in the winter. Sweeping brush is driven by a separate HONDA 6.5 HP gasoline engine, which can comfortably adjust the brush rpm according to speed. Easy and quick attaching and disconnecting without the need for tools. Mounting platform allows attachment of snow plow as well.



Heavy duty multi-purpose Shark tool holders quickly and easily grip ATV/UTV accessories, axes, firearms, fishing poles, shovels, forest and garden tools, emergency equipment etc. Perfect

for ATVs, Off-road cars, Special and Rescue vehicles, Transportation, Industry, Home & Garden etc. UV & salt water resistant.


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