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Jakub Vágner and Arctic Cat

Jakub Vágner – extreme Czech sport angler, world record holder and TV presenter of Fish Warrior TV Series on National Geographic Channel – and Arctic Cat TRV 700i XT PS: perfect blend of two legends. Arctic Cat ATV helps Jakub with his work at the Katlov Lake near Kutná Hora. Katlov Lake is Jakub Vágner´s private paradise for fishermen in the Central Bohemia where you can find extraordinary fishes and best fish population in the Czech Republic. Carps weighing 25kg, tenches weighing up to 5kg – every fish in this lake is second-to-none. Jakub Vágner uses his Arctic Cat TRV 700i XT PS for everyday hauling, to control whole lake with area of 25 000 square meters, anytime when things need to be fixed.